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The financial world since 2008 and the Global Financial Crisis has changed forever. In the currency markets, the banks’ role as ‘market makers’ has diminished thanks to regulatory changes. Market dynamics have become less predictable and more uncertain.
As a consequence, market volatility and risk have escalated to new highs.
A recent IMF warning summed it up saying ‘growth remains fragile and could be derailed if transitions are not successfully navigated’. Moving forward in this new and highly uncertain climate, we believe a paradigm shift in strategies and approaches for growth is imperative. It is the dawn of a new financial era.


Six Capital: Re-designing for Consistency

At Six Capital, we have built our business model upon a contrarian philosophy. To win big in today’s volatile markets, we need to think small to be consistent. Borrowing from golf, we score more consistently when putting from one foot away. Today, we are able to deliver consistent returns and experiences to people with different types of appetites: from investors seeking safe returns to speculators seeking the thrill of winning profits.

Today, data is the new asset class. By harnessing the power and wisdom of crowds to generate data, we have pioneered the world of ‘crowd-trading’. Through our sophisticated risk-management platform, Ricebowl®, we are able to enrich large volumes of micro-trading data into high probability winning insights. Today, Ricebowl is at the heart of a new integrated business ecosystem that successfully mines untapped opportunities in the volatility.

From investing to trading and distribution, we have harnessed technologies for tomorrow, to reduce risk and unlock new opportunities consistently.

Global Advisory Board
Providing strategic counsel, worldwide networks and contacts to support the company’s growth, the board also enhances Six Capital’s capacity to access new opportunities and attract world class resources.
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Executive Officers
Our team comes from trading, investment, criminology, NGOs, and the government. We’re led by FX veteran Patrick Teng.
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