Trade with Chief

TWC is a real-time online training programme. You’ll learn directly from our Chief Dealer as he leads FX dealers through live markets, focusing on the trading of the EUR/USD currency pair.

Sessions are designed for aspiring and experienced traders alike, providing a platform where trainees can learn hands-on by observing how a Chief Dealer trades and practice at the same time.

  • TwC sessions start off with a Forex Intelligence Summary, comprising:
    Fundamental analysis of events and news flows that the Chief Dealer considers having relevance and market impact in the course of the trading session for the day.
    Technical analysis of charts of various time frames relating to the relevant and traded currency pair. Chief provides real-time analysis of market moves and makes entry calls on when and where the trading opportunities may exist.
  • The trainee will gradually develop the necessary mindset and trading skills to make small consistent wins while managing risk with precise timing for optimal entry and exit levels. Through practice, trainees will learn to trade with confidence and develop a skill to generate a life-long income. Subscribers who are in different timezones can also participate in TwC sessions through TwC webinars. The sessions run from Mondays to Fridays, 7.30pm to 11.30pm (Singapore time, GMT +8) when the markets are the most liquid and volatile as the two largest FX centres, London and New York, are active.

Six Key Performance Indicators
As part of the training programme, Six Capital has identified six KPIs that are designed to objectively measure the performance of traders, with the focus being to achieve the standard of Gold (CQ20).

  1. Win RateA trader’s win rate is calculated as the percentage of winning trades out of all trades executed.
    Breaking even is considered a winning trade.
  2. Daily ProfitabilityA trader’s profitability is measured as a daily average after all brokerage costs.
    To achieve the Gold standard, a trader should make 300 pips per month after costs.
    Based on 20 trading days a month, the trader’s average daily profitability is 15 pips.
  3. Holding TimeThe average period of time each trade is held for is a quantitative method of measuring risk against the FX market.
    Cut-off time for utility and spot trades are 3 and 5 minutes respectively Positions held past the cut-off time will use market value at cut-off time for the calculation of all other KPIs.
    A Gold standard trader should achieve an average holding time of no more than 90 seconds (utility trades) and 180 seconds (spot trades).
  4. Mark-to-Market RatioMark-to-Market (MTM) gains or losses refer to “paper” gains or losses based on current market values, before a position is close. We measure the maximum potential loss that winning trades go through before the position is closed and compare this to the actual profit to derive the MTM ratio.
    A Gold standard trader should achieve a MTM Ratio of 1.0 or higher.
  5. Take Profit RatioMeasure of how accurately the trader analyses the market and set his Take Profit levels.
    This applies to winning trades only and compares actual profit per trade versus the initial projected profit.
    A Gold standard trader should achieve a Take Profit Ratio of 0.5 or higher.
  6. Consistency QuotientA measure of how consistently a trader is achieving all the other 5 KPIs.

    Consistency Quotient is measured based on the duration of the rolling period over which he can meet his KPIs.
    A Gold (CQ4) trader means he has achieved the Gold Standard for the other 5 KPIs over a rolling period of 4 trading days, CQ12 refers to 12 trading days etc.
    Based on their overall performance on the KPI matrix, traders are awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze or Pass.

Great performance deserves great rewards. We recognise our best performers with a range of incentives and awards.

  1. Monetary Training Award (MTA)Under the TwC programme, Six Capital offers a Monetary Training Award (MTA) for trainees – even whilst trading on a demo account. If the trainee trader achieves consistency and meets the required 6 KPIs on Ricebowl™ trading platform, there is the opportunity to earn up to US$122,000 per annum if he/ she consistently achieves Gold (CQ20). All trading days within 8 weeks from the first TwC session will be considered for MTA. Upon completing 20 trading days within 8 weeks, one’s consistency and trading standards will be computed, and then be awarded the highest dollar value for the 20 trading days.
  2. Streak BonusesStreak bonuses are accorded to TwC trainees who consistently achieve Gold (CQ20) for 3 consecutive times. The first bonus is US$10,000 on top of the MTA for Gold (CQ20) (3 x US$1,000). The subsequent bonuses are US$20,000 for 6 consecutive Gold (CQ20), US$30,000 for 9 consecutive Gold (CQ20) and finally US$50,000 for 12 consecutive Gold (CQ20). When the streak is broken, the bonus will restart at US$10,000. After achieving the streak bonus for 12 consecutive Gold (CQ20), the TwC subscriber will be offered full time employment or part time contract trading at Six Capital.
  3. Certified Forex Traders (CFX)Six Capital recognizes those who consistently make profits. Successful FX traders who achieve CQ12 upwards on Gold, Silver or Bronze will be accorded the title of CFX, Certified Forex Trader.

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