The FFC is for aspiring traders to quickly pick up the basics of FX, FX trading and Price Action Trading Methodology. At the end of the course, you will be prepared to understand and keep up with our Trade with Chief (TwC) webinars.

The FFC comprises of the following:

  1. FX101 eBookObjective of eBook:Provide trainees with a basic but comprehensive overview of what constitutes FX, common concepts and methods of trading FX and a strong foundation for subsequent learning.Outcome on completion of eBook:Trainees should gain a better understanding of the world of FX trading as a foundation for subsequent learning.
  2. Basics of FX TradingObjective of eBook:Introduce trainees to FX trading and what are the factors affecting the FX market movements. This module also aims to impart basic terminologies used in trading as well as basic price action analysis.Outcome on completion of eBook:Trainees are expected to be familiar with the factors that affect the FX market, basic terminologies used in trading and be able to recognize the various movements of the market.
  3. Price Action TradingObjective of eBook:Introduce trainees to the advantages of price action trading and factors affecting trade entries. The module also teaches trainees how to trade the price actions via examples.Outcome on completion of eBook:Trainees are expected to be able to interpret the price actions and determine possible entry points based on direction, level and timing.
  4. Support and Resistance
  5. Trend, Trendline and Channels
  6. Continuation Patterns
  7. Key Reversal Patterns
  8. Consolidation PatternsObjective of eBook:Teach trainees to define and identify the chart patterns and understand the market psychology behind why the chart patterns are formed. These modules also aim to teach the factors affecting the significance of the chart patterns and appreciate how such chart patterns are traded during live markets.Outcome on completion of eBook:Trainees are expected to be able to understand chart patterns, how the price is likely to react upon the formation / breakdown of such patterns and how to trade them.

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