FX trading is fast-paced and high-risked. We teach you how to slow down, focus – and make a profit.

Foreign exchange – Forex, or FX – is the world’s most traded market, with a daily turnover of US$4 trillion.

It involves anticipating economics and geopolitics to buy and sell currency at a profit. By enabling currency conversion, it supports international trade, investment, imports, and the carry trade.

And it’s for everyone. Volatile markets present new opportunities. And technology has advanced to capitalise on them. Now, everyone who thinks innovatively can take advantage and make extra money: from wealth managers, to proprietary traders to student interns, worldwide. Whether that’s on a short assignment, or in a long-term career.

But FX trading is fraught with emotion and dominated by sensational headlines. The live marketplace is intense – its pace and swings create false expectations that force high-risk decisions and mistakes.

Our approach defies that. Its core principles? Think small. Think consistent. And learn by doing. It’s radical – because it’s safe.

In three courses, we’ll teach you how to do it. But our teaching is about even more than that. Through training, we’re creating a new future for investment jobs, and a new future for investment itself.

Forex Foundation Course
If you’re an aspiring trader, this course will quickly teach you the basics of FX, FX trading and price action methodology…
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Trainee Dealer Programme
This intensive, rigorous three-month programme will help you become an FX trader. We’ll hone your utility and spot trading skills in the most effective way possible…
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Trade with Chief
TWC is a real-time online training programme. You’ll learn directly from our Chief Dealer as he leads FX dealers through live markets, focusing on the trading of the EUR/USD currency pair…
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