We’re proud partners of banks, institutions, charitable foundations, and journals. Here are just a few.

  1. e2iIn our collaboration with e2i, we employ and rigorously train mid-career professionals who’d like to venture into FX trading. This programme, Place and Train, is subsidised by the Singapore government.
  2. Chartered Banker InstituteWe’re facilitating the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the People’s Bank of China and the UK’s Chartered Banker Institute – helping to train banks in China.
  3. People’s Bank of ChinaWe’re working with the China Centre for Financial Trading (the bank’s training arm) to prepare for the internationalization of the Renminbi. We’re training 27,000 dealers in China, and we’ll be arranging site visits to their top financial institutions.
  4. Wall Street JournalThe Future Leadership Program is an initiative to deliver, engage and empower aspiring students and professionals across Asia to develop the next generation of business leaders. As part of this high-profile program, business students and professionals will receive access to premium resources from The Wall Street Journal.Through direct engagement with the industry, live events and other opportunities, the program brings together stakeholders across industry, government and the academia to add real-world context and facilitate development.
  5. Singapore Institute of ManagementWe’re giving 120,000 students and alumni across SIM’s eight partner universities access to our FX Foundation Course and Trainee Dealer Programme.

    We’re the main sponsor of the Singapore Management Festival, bringing together business thinkers and leaders to share new ideas and practices.SIM has also invited our Chief Dealer to be a founding member of the Finance Interest Group. We’re also developing three holistic, accessible finance courses – MediDollar, Currency Bond and Wealth Manager Career.

    We’re exploring a joint venture to develop an annual conference on Asian Forex and Alternative Investments, as well as a potential opportunitiesity to expand SIM’s Professional Development courses into China, Indonesia and India. It’s a fruitful partnership.