Where small and simple becomes big and powerful.

Data is the new asset class. Ricebowl® is our award winning business ecosystem where trader instinct and market dynamics meet advanced big data analytics in a demo environment. This enables the successful isolation of traders’ greed and fear, and the intelligent selection of valuable trading data consistently.

Co-Creation of Leverage

With great power comes great responsibility. We believe that safeguarding your investment is a first-order priority. Capital is secured by a suite of established liquidity providers for the co-creation of leverage. Therefore, your investment is never loaned, never traded, never invested.

De-risking Leverage

Conventional wisdom equates ‘leverage’ with ‘high risk’. We believe leverage is like power, dangerous when placed in the wrong hands, but game-changing when deployed in a disciplined manner.

Our growing crowd of speculators pay tagging fees for access to the leverage, which is shared with our investors. Risk is transferred from investors to the crowd of speculators, who are willing to absorb losses for more attractive yield. This way, we are able to safe-guard the investments that co-create the leverage.

  1. Risk Management Trading InterfaceUsing the Ricebowl™ platform, Six Capital dealers trade using an analytical approach with the sole focus of making small, consistent wins while managing risk with precise timing for optimal entry and exit levels.
  2. Crowdsourcing, Knowledge Harvesting platformRicebowl™ also acts as a crowdsourcing, Knowledge Harvesting platform, enabling Six Capital to train a large pool of elite traders. Six Capital can then deploy algorithms upon those traders who excel at our KPI matrix to tag its own equity to their high profitability winning trades. Through monitoring traders’ performance it also allows proprietary traders and asset management companies worldwide to “tag” or “copy” these trades real-time, for a fee.
  3. Trade with Chief using Ricebowl™All of Six Capital’s trainee FX dealers execute their trades on demo accounts via Ricebowl™, which allows them to sharpen their trading skills progressively while being isolated from the emotional stresses involved with trading real money. How it works: Ricebowl™ assists dealers in managing their consistency and profitability via trading against a set of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) matrix. Dealers earn as they learn by receiving Monetary Training Awards when they achieve stipulated KPIs when trading a demo account.



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