Our Methodology

Think small
to win big.

Price Action Trading aims to achieve a 1-pip profit in 30 minutes – consistently. How? By eliminating fundamental analysis, avoiding lagging indicators and following trends.

We train all our traders to enter and exit their positions within 90 seconds – the same timeframe as major banks.

Our methodology cuts risk and exposure and ensures small, but consistent profits. It’s simple, easy to learn, and translates to other assets.

We invest in aspirations
Whether you are a student seeking to develop a competitive edge or an aspiring FX trader we run courses and programmes that amplify your prospects.
We train by trading
All students and potential traders learn by trading in risk-free simulated conditions, on demo accounts, without the emotional stresses of high-value trading.
We harvest big data
Through hundreds of trainee traders an unparalleled depth and scale of insight is recorded and gathered.
We use this to form Ricebowl™
Our highly sophisticated platform that both runs the simulated environment and gathers the data.
Ricebowl™ sorts and tags this data, highlighting the high-probability wins.
We create opportunities from these insights
High probability wins are placed by our experts in the live market and through our investment products, investors can choose to follow these trades and share in the gain.
We amplify returns over time
Small precise investments create consistent returns.