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PropFX Traders
Empowering the Passionate.
Future Jobs.

A unique, independent career that enables passionate FX dealers to take charge of their own future.
Six Capital™ is about empowering the passionate with a life skill to earn a life-long income through FX trading. To achieve this, Six Capital™ has designed a unique and independent career programme - the PropFX Trader

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Once a Dealer, always a Dealer.

Six Capital’s™ Trainee Dealers Programme (TDP) is a rigorous and intensive foundational programme designed to groom aspiring individuals into professional FX Dealers.

In partnership with e2i, Six Capital™ is committed to creating jobs in the finance sector and enhance the employability of Singaporeans and PRs. This committment is possible through the Six Capital™-e2i Place and Train (PnT) Programme.

We are honoured to partner and support Six Capital in this worthy initiative. We believe the quality and inclusiveness of the PnT Programme offers a good alternative for individuals who are keen to join the financial sector. This is in line with efforts to raise the quality of the finance sector workforce, as well as e2i’s mission to create better employability and job opportunities for workers across all segments in Singapore

Mr. Gilbert Tan
Chief Executive Officer, e2i
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